Finding a Book

Book Categories are labeled within the store and non-featured sections (e.g. fiction, reference, memoir, self help) are organized alphabetically by author's last name. If you can't find a book in the store you can ask an employee to order it for you. We can get almost anything within 3-5 business days with zero shipping cost. We'll call when the book arrives and you can pick it up and pay for it then.

Used Book Buying

We buy used books for in-store credit . Drop your books off at the front desk and fill out a used book sticker. We will process your books in 1-2 weeks and choose the ones we want to buy. We pay approximately 25% of our selling price. Books we do not think we can sell will be returned to you or donated to one of several non-profits.

Nonprofit Discount

We provide a 20% discount for employees of nonprofits who are buying books for their organization. Let us know what organization you are from and we can invoice you if you needed. 

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